HipHop Tamizha a great role model for Celebrities

Navaratnam Kiri 19/09/2016

Celebrity endorsement of social causes has become more of a PR campaign, it is the celebrity equivalent of a baby-kissing tradition in politics. Most of the celebrities fail to take into account the serious implications of their support for a particular cause, they fail to look beneath the surface, they rarely dwell into the politics they are endorsing by becoming a brand ambassador for a certain cause or campaign. Hiphop Tamizha is an exception to these clichéd PR exercises.
His support for Jallikattu is a great example of how a celebrity should handle him/herself when dealing with a social cause. Instead of choosing a campaign for image building, Hiphop Tamizha opted to give ear to both sides of the argument.  
The war against Jallikattu has come under heavy criticism by the Tamil Nadu State Government and the Central Government of India. The people of Tamil Nadu are overwhelmingly unanimous in their support for Jallikattu. Recently Non-Resident Indians from the United Kingdom and Gulf countries have also lent their support for Jallikattu by hosting various awareness campaigns in their respective countries.

 A few NGO’s masquerading as Animal rights activists, allegedly driven by a political goal to disseminate and corporatize the biodiverse elements of India are leading a vociferous campaign against Jallikattu within the political chambers of the Indian Government. They don’t possess public support; they tend to behave more like a lobbying group. They work with lawyers and politicians more than with the people on the ground. Strangely, their idea of animal rights has become a very profitable drive for the organised sector in the meat export and dairy industry. Knowingly or unknowingly their campaign is contributing to the destruction of the vibrant unorganised small businesses in the dairy and meat industry while benefitting those who control the largest market share.

The State Governments and leading politicians in the central government have started to see through these animal rights activist. They have started to realise that the public opinion is strongly against these organisations that are functioning against the interest of the Indian citizens. Unfortunately many within the Government have also fallen prey to these campaigns. If we do some research on those individuals who bat for these so-called animal rights activists you would be surprised to find how meaningless  terms like “conflict of interest” is in the political setting of India.

If the politicians, who are supposed to be well informed about social issues can become victims of such campaigns, then imagine the state of the celebrities.

HipHop Tamizha is an exception to this trend.  From the beginning till now he has shown his commitment towards the Jallikattu cause and has been attracting the praise and honours of the civil society. Yesterday he was honoured for his contribution towards preserving Tamil identity and animal rights at the Kangayam cattle show hosted by the Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation and Kangayam Cattle Breeders Society.
His impeccable knowledge on this issue and his commitment towards this cause set an exemplary example for celebrities who endorse and would like to endorse social causes.  It is very easy to stand by well-established NGO’s and corporations, but it takes guts and commitment to stand by as an ambassador for the civil society. The other celebrities can take the cue from HipHop Tamizha on how to handle social issues without preying on the voiceless civil society and send innocent animals to slaughter houses.